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Mobile Notary Service - Cape Girardeau MO

People living in the Cape Girardeau area requiring a mobile notary service need look no further. We’re bonded and licensed and offer experience and efficiency. Time is often of the essence in these types of matters and when you need us we’ll be there. We notarize, commission, certify and witness a wide variety of documents including affidavits, letters, applications, statutory declarations, travel documents, loans, POAs, health care documents and many others.

We’re open 6 days a week and are licensed and bonded in both Missouri and Illinois. Law offices, insurance brokers, private lenders and health care providers are among the types of businesses that employ a notary public but for individuals who need one for a specific reason is where our mobile services are often typically needed.

Instances where an individual needs services such as we provide is when you are dealing with documents that by law require notarization. These include trusts, deeds, and wills as well has certain types of medical documents that specify the type of treatment that a person wishes to receive or not receive (often called “living wills”), health care proxies and powers of attorney.

Because it’s obviously not feasible for most individuals to employ a notary like certain businesses do and finding a reputable one on short notice can be difficult, services like ours are a lifesaver for those who find themselves in situations where they have to suddenly deal with signing important legal documents. So if you live in Cape Girardeau as well as in Scott, Perry, and Bollinger Counties let us know what you need when and we’ll look after the rest.

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